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Rainy Tuesday

September 22, 2009

It has been pouring rain all day. Definitely the kind of day that just makes you want to hole up inside and not do much of anything. I was up early (before my alarm, even!) and it wasn’t even light out yet. I kissed Sam goodbye and made some breakfast:



This was prior to drowning in 1/2 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I really like my oats cooked in water with the milk component on top, but a whole cup at once is just too much milk and dilutes the oaty goodness. I’ve taken to pouring on 1/2 c to start and taking the rest of my almond milk along with me to my command center (aka laptop on desk, where breakfast happens every day) and topping up the bowl as I go to maintain the proper milk-to-oat ratio.

This bowl featured a banana, some frozen bluebs, a few raisins, and stevia.

I’ve discovered that I have a serious bowl fetish. I think bowls are definitely my favorite food receptacle, and they have to be deep enough. Ceramic is best…I like my bowls to have a little heft.

Midmorning I busted into a Mac apple and hit up Whole Foods for some groceries. I got produce for dinner tonight (a veggie cassoulet) along with some other necessary items. Highlights included Larabars:


At last, the coveted PBJ flavor….

I also got some raw cashews and oat groats to try making oatgurt! The groats are currently soaking in the fridge. I’m also interested to try eating them instead of rolled oats in the morning. I may be breakin out my forsaken crockpot and cooking them overnight…we’ll see.

Lunch was a salad featuring last night’s turkey burger leftovers, spinach, a carrot, zucchini, raw corn, a smattering of raisins and raw cashews, a squeeze of lime juice, and pepper. Alongside, I had a really delicious white nectarine. Not pictured is a plain Fage 0% with some more raisins.

This is my favorite meal bowl...big and yellow.

This is my favorite meal bowl...big and yellow.

Nectar(ine) of the gods

Now I’m planning on getting a little knitting in, and a run in a little while. Later this afternoon I’m planning to check out a weekly farmer’s market in my neighborhood. It’s on one of my frequent running routes so I see it every Tuesday but haven’t ever gone before. I’m looking forward to it!

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  1. September 22, 2009 6:52 pm

    Best of luck with your oatgurt! Oh, and here is a tutorial on making oatmeal from groats that I’ve been meaning to try:

    Your dinner looked so good. You really can’t go wrong with the cashew raisin combo. It makes everything so much better…’cept pizza. Don’t ask. 😉

  2. Alix permalink*
    September 22, 2009 7:12 pm

    Thanks! I’ll check out that tutorial.

    And wow…cashew/raisin pizza. Is it wrong that I’m now thinking about cashew “cheese” and raisin topping on a WW crust? Hmmmm….

  3. Jordan permalink
    September 30, 2009 7:58 pm

    That oatgurt fast became a staple in my kitchen, I just put it near the light in my oven for 24 hours and it worked great. Hope you liked the farmer’s market yesterday!

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